best website templates - Welcome (flotation eligibility check, ICO/STO-check, IPO check), i.e. IR CONSULT, is a certified management consulting company for all questions concerning the international capital markets since 1994.

Our principal themes are
- financial market projects (M&A, VC, PE etc.)
- IPO/ICO/STO of equity, bonds or crowd financing
- investor & creditor relations.

Our specialties are our integrated IPO/STO-Advisory and our comprehensive stock market eligibility test -
for STO, Equity and Corporate Bonds

Since 1994 IR CONSULT has been successfully active in the capital markets. Our team has experiences of nearly 100 IPOs and over 100 long-running investor relations and capital markets projects. Our international clients like our unique integrated IPO advisory as well as our long-term experiences and our outstanding references.

We have recognized during many years of consulting activities, that, on the one hand, there is a great interest in the subject of IPO/ICO/STO, but, on the other hand, only a restricted amount of detailed information available on this highly specialized area. It is for this reason that we have published these pages. They are intended to provide you with an initial overview of the complexity of an IPO/ICO/STO.

We invite you to inform about IPO/ICO/STOs in details as well as about our ICO check and IPO check to find out how we can help you individually. These are our ICO/STO information: flyer and or

Please contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your plans. Here are our contact details: 

Alexander Vollet, CEO, phone +49 - 6002 - 92042 or, i.e. IR CONSULT - unique integrated IPO/ICO-Advisory


Since 1994 the very experienced IR CONSULT-team has advised listed stock companies as well as enterprises at their road to the stock exchange.

Our know-how is based on nearly 100 IPOs and over 100 long-running investor relations projects of companies from nearly all stock segments and sectors.


In the course of a company's life and growth cycle, there are times when it needs new capital or additional investors.
One of our first recommendations is a flotation eligibility test to check the company and the stock market in order to evaluate the realization chances.

Corporate Bonds,
Crowd Financing

The issue of a corporate bond opens a very attractive financing option for debt restructuring or growth financing.
It helps to improve the independency of banks and to use the currently attractive interest rates.

A bond, however, is only a financing for a fixed duration!

Process in Details

An IPO/STO is a very complex and time-intensive project.
It needs a lot of preliminary considerations and well-targeted preparations as well as a professional and tight IPO/ICO project management before a company can use the wide advantages of a stock listing. 

Here are the necessary details.

IPO/ICO/STO Advisory 

Our unique integrated IPO/ICO/STO advisory combines ideally the classical IPO consulting with the pre-issue communication.

Thus we significantly reduce the complexity as well as time and expenses.

At the same time, we establish all necessary structures for successful post-IPO / STO investor relations.



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Alexander Vollet, CEO
Phone : +49 - 6002 - 92042
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